Are Herbs Safe to Use and Take?

by Jason J. Duke - Owner/Artisan

Fresh Content: July 31, 2022 22:56

Herbs are Safe to Use and Take 

This question arises from not understanding that herbs are classified as foods which are supplemented into a complete diet.

Herbs are mild and safe to use when taken correctly as part of a complete diet and healthy lifestyle, regardless if a medicinal herbal remedy or tonic herb is taken as a tea, decoction, powder capsule, or tincture.

Herbs Compared to Drugs

Someone, even professional experienced healthcare practitioners, may think that herbs are like drugs, but this is a misunderstanding as to how herbs work when compared to how drugs work.

Herbs are always more effective and more powerful in the long-term for supporting health, promoting wellness, and increasing an overall sense of well-being; whereas drugs are always more effective and more powerful in the short-term for treating and managing diseases, conditions, and any emergencies.

Herbal WisdomHerbal wisdom is when someone is being attentive of an important consideration in achieving success with herbs in herbalism for health and healing.
"Do not use an herb when one should use a drug and do not use a drug when one should use an herb."

Herbs are Used Holistically

Herbs work with bodily processes and the whole body holistically, all at once and altogether, unlike toxic drugs which intervene with functioning or non-functioning bodily processes.

The reason herbs are safe is that you are not taking them as you would a concentrated drug to treat and manage diseases and conditions. The constituents of herbs are not very concentrated, yet these constituents are always found in a combination with other constituents to make a complete supplement that is mild in action when added to one's diet.

Herbs are Non-toxic

There is no reason to take more than an herb as is necessary, as this will be out-of-balance with someone's complete diet and lifestyle. Herbs alone do no cause severe adverse reactions and events or side effects, even when taken in the long-term, but they can still be quite powerful and should be used with know-how and knowledge to learn how to take them consistently for achieving the desired benefits and results.