Tonic Superfood Adaptogen Supplements for Health, Well-being and Performance

March 21, 2019 17:52

Dietary Supplements

Tonic Superfood Supplements are Healthful

Superfoods, adaptogens, and tonics are concentrated supplements that maintain and support health, benefit well-being and enhance performance as a part of a successful lifestyle.

All tonic superfood supplements are best taken as part of a complete diet.

Health is a positive state of normal body functioning.

A state of health is optimal well-being, well-being is the degree of how healthy someone is, which is related to their overall vitality and ability to perform.

Vitality is the capacity for performance, to grow, live and develop and achieve greater wellness and success.

A healthy responsible lifestyle includes diet, exercise and customary practices concerning body, mind and spirit, such as work, play, fitness, meditation, and education.

This is why we take tonics, superfoods and adaptogens; to have the vitality to make life better, be more successful and achieve greater performance!

Tonics, Adaptogens and Superfoods are Easily Accessible Nutrition

Supplements come in many forms, but the best forms are whole concentrates of foods, superfoods, tonics, herbs, adaptogens and botanicals, because they contain a full-spectrum of constituents.

Common forms of supplementation:

  • Liquids
  • Powders
  • Capsules

Any of these forms may be used to take superfoods and tonics.

A tonic superfood adaptogen is usually high in forms of a variety of nutrition, which effects the body, it's tissues, organs and glands in the support of health, wellness, and performance.

These forms of nutrition include:

  • Protein, Fats, Carbohydrates
  • Vitamins, Minerals
  • Fiber
  • Unique Constituents

Many of these forms of nutrition are essential to the normal functioning of the body and are often best consumed daily.

Unique constituents have special effects on the organs, glands and tissues and are found only in specific superfoods and tonics, such as ginsenosides, which are only found in ginseng. Another example is polysaccharides found in mushrooms and astragalus root.

Tonics, superfoods, and adaptogens are consciously consumed with various foods so that the body may receive all the nutrients necessary to support and maintain health.

Superfoods and tonics may be adventurous because we can experience the health effects of their unique constituents.

Take Charge Learning about Tonic Superfoods

One’s health, wellness and success is very important, so selecting the right supplement is a personal responsibility.

Anyone can take dietary supplements as part of a complete diet because they contain concentrated nutrition that is easily accessible.

Not everyone eats the same diet, so everyone doesn't require the same kind of tonics, superfoods or adaptogens.

A person is free to choose what supplements support wellness and performance, which is why discernment in is required for developing a healthy lifestyle.

Ask questions that are insightful; such as: "How does this tonic, superfood, and adaptogen supplement maintain and support health, benefit wellness and enhance performance?"

    Tonics Superfoods are Well Researched

    Remember, wellness, success and performance is a personal responsibility; choose what is important based on one's own guidance.

    Tonics, superfoods and adaptogens work by their structure of nutrition and the function of this nutrition concerning the body. Unique constituents are known to have effects on the various organs, glands, and tissues of the body.

    Seek out trusted information sources of dietary supplements:

    • Magazines
    • Books
    • Articles
    • Search Engines
    • Health Blogs
    • Universities
    • Encyclopedias
    • Government Resources
    • Knowledgeable Friends
    • Professionals

    However, avoid the pitfalls of research; health is complex and health information shouldn't be taken out of context.

    Nothing is a quick fix.

    A quick answer will come up short on results, so spend the time and effort to develop holistic understanding, that means a comprehensive overview of health and all its parts as it pertains to wellness and successful living.

    Find out what works best for oneself.

    Just because something doesn't make sense doesn't mean it doesn't work; so dissolving limiting beliefs, conducting more research and having an open-mind may be required for further understanding. The combination of nutrients from various sources may yield better results.

    Apply logic or good judgement to conducting research.

    Avoid attempting to disprove any research; instead one can prove that they may have been unable to get it to work. Work with all the research available and make better informed decisions.

    Learn and explore the various ways to support and maintain a successful and healthful life.

    Be responsible, choose wisely and develop your own performance wellness lifestyle!

    A Note on Professional and Personal Guidance

    Taking charge of your health and doing it yourself does not mean without professional guidance.

    Talk with lots of people about health; professionals, family and friends.

    Because health is vitally important, advise with professionals, family and friends they trust who are able to develop relationships that will develop a healthy lifestyle. Perhaps set a goal of speaking or studying one new professional every three months to broaden the scope of personal knowledge, or when receiving guidance choose 2-3 professional sources with whom to consult.

    Professionals - Select and research the appropriate professional concerning how to support health, benefit wellness and enhance performance with tonics, superfoods and adaptogens. The more professionals one consults, generally the better, so as to acquire a wide and open-minded perspective.

    A Note About Professional Privacy: Some information may only be discussed with a personal healthcare practitioner and this private information may require consultation about any supplements one wishes to take concerning health conditions.

    Family and Friends - Testimonials about health are best received from people who we know. Most importantly, talking to someone about health, wellness and performance benefits of supplements can open us to new ideas and different perspectives. Actively approach developing a healthy lifestyle on a monthly or weekly basis with family and friends.

    The daily journey of successful living necessitates learning from professionals about how health works. Keep in mind that a lack of personal knowledge and individual action may be the biggest contributor to the suffering of progress.

    References for Further Reading

    Self-education is very important to personal health, wellness, and performance.

    Researching tonics, superfoods, and adaptogens includes the following:

    • Nutrients - such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids and fatty acids and additional unique constituents
    • Uses - the structure and functions of those nutrients concerning the support and maintenance of health, wellness and performance
    • Lifestyles - incorporation of the uses into daily activities for optimal health

    Due to the complexity of health and wellness some references may necessitate professional guidance; seek discussion with professionals concerning personal understanding of information.

    Knowing how the human body works is a day-to-day lifelong journey. The more one invests in personal education of health and wellness, the more rewards one may see in their everyday lives.

    1. Internet resources for adaptogens, tonics and superfoods.

      2. Informational sources for the structure and function of the body, its various organs, glands and tissues, and their health relation to the nutrients found in foods and herbs.

      3.Comprehensive references with understanding of both supplements and herbs, the nutrients, dosages and guidance concerning the support and maintenance of health and wellness.

      4. Specific references about nutrients found in foods, superfoods and tonics, such as the various minerals and vitamins and how a complete diet of all these nutrients combines for optimal health.

      5. Herbal references that include tonics and superfoods and their suggested dosages and uses.

      6. A classical reference for herbs, superfoods, tonics and their everyday uses.

      7. A specific and highly-technical reference with entries on various herbs, tonics and foods. The cost of this textbook is restrictive in terms of time spent learning how to use the information and the funds required to make its purchase, so one's budget may be better spent seeking a professional versed in the correct use of this resource:

      Tonic Superfood Wisdom

      There are many parts to health.

      We don't live in a bubble so we don't do one thing for our health, wellness and performance. All of this is not singular; in other words, we don't live in an isolated box with only a few variables to study what's going on with these factors.

      Wellness and performance is organically developed holistically as an interplay of various nutrients, each with their own effects on biochemical interactions within the body. Tonics superfoods work best taken as a whole together with food and matched to daily activities.

      Concerning tonic, superfood and adaptogen wisdom:

      • Everything probably works in someway somehow.
      • A very little bit of something probably does some degree of a little bit.
      • A whole bunch of one thing is just that, you can't force it to work.
      • And nothing does nothing, guaranteed.

      The more one pays close attention to wellness and performance from a holistic perspective, the more one has available for accomplishing something healthy.

      Stay open-minded and feel free to explore new things.

      So now that you know about how to conduct research and what information is important in understanding tonics, superfoods and adaptogens, let’s, for example, learn about ‘tea’; the best tonic according to Tibetans! Find it in our blog or by clicking the link.