Allopathic Medicine: Part 10 - The Medical Patient Receives Medical Advice

by Jason J. Duke - Owner/Artisan

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Medical Patient Receiving Medical Advice 

A patient is a person who has authorized a medical healthcare physician to make an official recorded statement of the condition of their health and advise them medically, which may include a diagnosis of a disease or health-related conditions and any related treatments, including the prescribing of procedures and drugs.

What Constituents Medical Advice?

Only a medical healthcare professional with appropriate credentials can advise a patient under their care in a physician-patient relationship. The physician-patient privilege, in most cases, means that patient can communicate personal and private information related to their medical status, any diseases, and/or health-related conditions with confidentiality.

Medical Advice is Not the Same a General Health Info

The medical advice of a medical healthcare professional should not be confused with general information about health and the way the body works, along with any nutrition, supplementation, and lifestyle choices.

Contrarily, someone disseminating general health information should not be confused with a medical healthcare professional and the establishment physician-patient relationship. This is because general health information is not within the scope of allopathic medicine practice.

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