Allopathic Medicine: Part 6 - Disease Definition and Health-Related Conditions

by Jason J. Duke - Owner/Artisan

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Diagnosing Disease 

Disease is the theoretical pathology name given to the cause(s) concerning non-functionality, degeneration, dying, infertility, or a state of deterioration or stasis within any bodily system, organ, gland, or tissue; or it is the cause(s) of any states and health-related conditions of sickness or illness with the emotions and mind; or it is a sickness or illness caused by an infectious bacteria or virus.

Health-related Conditions are Diseases

A health-related condition, sometimes shortened to health condition or instead stated as a health problem or health issue, is medical industry marketing terminology that directly refers to a disease and any of the manifesting symptoms related to the diagnosis by a healthcare practitioner. The context of the marketing material, documentation, and any associated wording is often the only way to identify that 'health condition' and 'health problem' and 'health issue' is actually referring to a disease, so the medical industry marketing, scientific studies, and journalistic reporting with the most clarity will simply directly state disease and possibly say health-related condition, since a condition of health, in and of itself, is not disease.

Disease and Health are Often Confused

Many healthcare practitioners, patients, non-patients, and journalists confuse the basic ideas of health and disease, because the medical industry and medical industry regulators use the word health in relation to states and conditions of diseases. But, disease is not to be confused with health, which is the degree of functionality, healing, growth, and development within a system, organ, gland, or tissue of the body; health also includes emotional expression, mental performance, and spiritual cultivation.

Preventative Health is Disease Risk Reduction

Preventative health, also known as preventative healthcare, is a regulatory government and medical industry marketing term for the processes used in the claims of disease risk reduction. Preventative health are the claims of using enviroment, diet, foods, lifestyles, herbs, nutrients, medicinal remedies, and dietary supplements for marketing any associated diseases and conditions for profit. Preventative health is not be confused with health promotion with a healthy lifestyle, eating a complete diet, using dietary supplements, and medicinal remedies since health is not a state of disease.

Medical Professionals Diagnose Diseases

A disease is determined by a diagnosis process used by medical physician who identifies the symptoms and/or examines test results of a patient. A disease cannot be diagnosed without a known cause.

A physician requires a diagnosis so that they may use the theories of pathology to begin intervention with disease causes through the treatment, prevention, management, and cure with accepted and approved methods.

Disease intervention includes prescription drugs for treatment, prevention, management, and cure or surgery to remove tissues, organs, and glands. Drugs substitute the functions of a non-functioning parts of the body.

Diseases are for Medical Use Only

Quacks Use Foods, Supplements, and Herbs to Treat Disease 

Food, nutrition, nutrients, diet, medicinal remedies, and dietary supplements do not benefit non-functioning structures of the body nor do they replace the lack of any structure and using them to treat, manage, prevent, and cure the diagnosed causes of diseases, health-related conditions, and states is known as quackery.

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