Antioxidants For Energy - Duke's Materia Tonica

Antioxidants Reduce Laziness 

Level 3

The more energy someone uses, the more antioxidants someone's body must make and eat for overall greater health and a healthy body-weight.

  1. The lungs breathe air (which contains oxygen) into the blood.
  2. Oxygen is used by the cells to make energy from carbohydrates and fats that are found in food and stored in bodily cells and tissues.
  3. Oxygen reacts with carbohydrates and fats, through a process of oxidation, that releases energy, but also creates by-products called free-radicals that damage cellular tissues and hinder cellular functions.
  4. Antioxidants stop free-radicals so that more carbohydrates and fat may be used and 'burned' for energy.

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