Male Silk Moth

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Tonic Tinctures are concentrated dietary supplements that contain constituents
that promote health, wellness, and healthy lifestyles.

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A personal favorite formulation of the artisan, male silk moth is pretty awesome for boosting blood flow and strengthening the nerves and giving mental confidence.

Both men or women will benefit.

Expertly formulated for those physical needs and those mental and emotional needs that require increased sensitivities.


Male Silk Moth Liquid Supplement

Table of Contents

  1. Supplement Specs
  2. Male Silk Moth Ingredients
  3. Dosage
  4. How Does it Work?

Supplement Summary

Extract Type:
• Tincture - Liquid Extract: Hydroalcohol
Serving Size:
• 1-3 droppers
Daily Usage: 
• 1-9 droppers per day
Tonic Cycle: 
• Daily and indefinitely, otherwise as desired.
Extraction Ratio:
• 3 pounds into 1 quart. – 85,500mgs equivalent per bottle
Manufacture Date:
• September 1st 2018
• 2 Years from manufacture

Expiration & Storage Information

Made In Sisters Oregon USA


Male Silk Moth Specs

This extraction is expertly formulated with Saigon Cinnamon, Cornus berry and Clove to enhance the tonic benefits.*

These herbs have been added in a supportive amount to assist the actions and efficacy of Male Silk Moth, as well as, making this extraction delectably flavorful.

The addition of candy-sweet and hot high oil Cinnamon warms the body, boost circulation and assist blood flow to the genitals and limbs. It helps to drive the important nutrition of this extract deep into the organs, glands and brain for increased efficacy. In addition, the highest quality is used to vitalize the entire body.

A flavorful and tart berry, Cornus, is a premier astringent that tones up tissues, supports kidney function and is quite synergistic with many of the Male Silk Moth actions, such as water metabolism. It prevents flaccid tissues and develops vigor and liveliness. It harmonizes and invigorating qualities for a smooth experience.

To make this extraction more flavorful a small amount of Clove is added for its aromatic qualities. It is also warming to the body and may be used to assist tonic herbs that promote sexual function.

Domestication of the silkworm, Bombyx Mori L. began 5,000 years ago. This species feeds upon the leaves of the mulberry tree. Silk was a long kept secret of the Chinese, perhaps thousands of years, and was once traded in the old world along The Silk Road.

Vintage Engraved Illustration of Mulberry Male Silk Moth - 1880

In Asia and the Pacific, silkworms, like many insect species, and their pupae are considered food and will be found in fine cuisine and are considered to be an excellent source of protein. But it is the connoisseurs who delight in the male silk moth, who born from their cocoons have the capacity to copulate with hundreds of female silk moths before tiring.

Silk Factory - Silk is Made From the Cocoons of Silk Larvae

Within minutes of emerging from their silky cocoons the male silk moth must be separated and collected before it copulates with the females. This process is used to ensure that all the important constituents and hormones are present until hydroalcoholic extraction.

See below for more info about ingredients.


Male Silk Moth Supplement Ingredients

  • Male Silk Moth (Bombyx Mori L.), Vietnamese "Saigon" Cinnamon 6% Oil (Cinnamomum Cassia), Cornus Berry (Cornus Officinalis), Clove Bud (Syzygium Aromaticum)
  • Structured Distilled Water
  • Triple Filtered USP Grade Organic Alcohol (30% by volume)


Tincture Details

Tonic Tinctures Male Silk Moth Fresh Batch

2oz. (60ml)

Male Silk Moth Supplement - 60 droppers in a bottle

Tonic Tinctures Male Silk Moth Supplement Label

Male Silk Moth Tincture is 500mgs extract per 1ml dropper.



Male Silk Moth Dosage

For best results hold the extract liquid under the tongue for 60-90 seconds and then swallow the rest of the extract. This allows many of the constituents to bypass digestion and enter the body through the mouth. It also better promotes the immediate effects.

The general the dose is 1-3 moths per day. The recommended daily dose therefore is 1,425 - 4,275 milligrams, which is 1-3 droppers per day. The most one may need is 1-3 droppers at one time.

This tonic may be taken 30-60 minutes for intimacy and performance and is easily combined with Deer Antler Velvet and Korean Ginseng to enhance the effects and results during one's tonic cycle.

Many benefits of herbs come from consistent continued use over a period of time – we believe low doses taken over the course of time are most beneficial.

Start with a minimum dose of one dropper and work up to a functional dose over time. Take as desired or consume on a continuous basis.



How Does Male Silk Moth Work?

The benefits are numerous from the various lipids found in these moths: better blood flow, cardiovascular health, increased power of your five senses, and improved cognitive functions. Although this greatly enhances pumping with weights and increasing blood volume of muscles, it also assist with penile erections. With better blood flow to and from the muscles, one will have less lactic acid build-up, and greater overall stamina and reduced discomfort.

Bombyx Mori L. with a Wingspan of 3-5 cm

Preliminary studies on animals show increases in hormones, that are most likely attributed to the large amount of natural hormones found within the male moth, as well as, the plentiful nutrition that activates our own anti-oxidant capacity.

An enzyme is found with male silk moth that is one of the nutrients that boosts blood circulation throughout the body. It shows powerful antioxidant properties.

Due to the high amount of cephalin, male silk moth may not only stimulate the nervous system, but promote regenertation also. Cephalin is found in high amounts within the cell membranes of nerve tissue in the spine and in the white matter of brain tissue, thus regenerating these precious organs and assisting nervous power and cognitive function.

Because of the high unsaturated fatty acid profile one will find benefits for skin health and the tightening of these tissues.

Other anti-aging benefits offered by tonics and their general functions in stress resistance may be found in Male Silk Moth.

It Takes 3,000 Cocoons to Make One Pound of Silk

Active Constituents: Proteins (All 18 Amino Acids), Hormones (Ecdysone, Androgens), Enzymes (Serrapeptase), Prostaglandins, Phospholipids (Phosphatidylethanolamine [Cephalin], Unsaturated Fatty Acids [alpha-linolenic acid]), Vitamins (E), Minerals (Zinc, Chromium, Calcium), Trace Minerals


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