Antioxidants: Sources, Benefits, Detox, Energy, Fat-Burning and Free-Radicals

by Jason J. Duke - Owner/Artisan

Fresh Content: April 23, 2022 02:12

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In biology, Antioxidants are necessary components of producing energy and supporting the immune system; they are made by and used by a healthy body to reduce the effects of toxins, by-products of metabolism, and free-radical oxidative damage to cells.

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    Antioxidants Neutralize Free Radicals

    Antioxidant biochemistry is that they are negatively charged particles, which have an extra electron which is transferred to positively charged oxidants called free-radicals.

    Antioxidants neutralize the oxidative by-products of energy metabolism and assist the immune system with the removal of accumulated environmental toxins.

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    Free Radicals are Missing an Electron 

    Free-radicals are oxidants which are reactive positively charged electrical ions that damage cells and hinder bodily functions.

    They are created as by-products of energy metabolism from the oxidation of carbohydrates and fat for energy and they also come from exposure to environmental toxins which may overburden the immune system.

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    Antioxidants Control The Rate of Oxidation 

    Antioxidants are part of the how energy production is controlled in the cells by the neutralization of excessive by-products of oxidation, including free-radicals.

    Antioxidants are like the coolant in a car engine that counteracts the hot combustion of exploding gas to keep the engine cool. The cooling system is designed so that the car can drive continuously throughout the day, stay at optimal functioning temperature, maintain smooth running, reduce unwanted by-products, and last a long-time.

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    Antioxidants are Made in the Body and Found in Food 

    A healthy body makes antioxidants in the liver and as part of cellular energy metabolism.

    They are also found in supplements which are added to well-balanced complete meals to promote health, improve wellness, and increase one's overall sense of well-being.

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    In the Diet

    Antioxidants are the Particles of Color Found in Food 

    Antioxidants are found within various plant foods and supplements sources which come in many forms, such as nutrients, like vitamin E, and enzymes, like superoxide dismutase, and beneficial constituents, like flavonoids called catechins.

    Best food and supplement-based sources of antioxidants, starting with the most nutrient dense sources at the top:

    1. Spices
    2. Herbs
    3. Berries
    4. Vegetables
    5. Teas
    6. Coffee
    7. Fruit
    8. Chocolate

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    Antioxidants are Super Important 

    Antioxidants are important so that the body and mind work optimally and for:

    • Good energy and cognition throughout the day
    • Recovery from stress
    • Regeneration of cells and tissues
    • Maintain immune system and cardiorespiratory function
    • Supporting a healthy weight
    • Slowing of aging

    Not enough antioxidants leads to the accumulation of too many free-radicals which will inhibit overall metabolism and the integrity of many bodily organs and functions.

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    Antioxidants Reduce Laziness for Energy 

    The more energy someone uses, the more antioxidants someone's body must make and eat for overall greater health and a healthy body-weight.

    1. The lungs breathe air (which contains oxygen) into the blood.
    2. Oxygen is used by the cells to make energy from carbohydrates and fats that are found in food and stored in bodily cells and tissues.
    3. Oxygen reacts with carbohydrates and fats, through a process of oxidation, that releases energy, but also creates by-products called free-radicals that damage cellular tissues and hinder cellular functions.
    4. Antioxidants stop free-radicals so that more carbohydrates and fat may be used and 'burned' for energy.

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    Antioxidant Deficiency Leads to Free-Radical Toxicity 

    The body will become toxic with free-radicals if the body cannot make enough antioxidants and not enough antioxidants are consumed as part of well-balanced complete meals, such as not eating antioxidant foods or with the skipping of meals.

    Free-radical toxicity will reduce health as follows:

    • Lower energy levels and reduced cognition
    • Reduced work-tolerance
    • Lack of sufficient rest and regeneration
    • Decreased immune system function
    • Cellular damage (especially brain, lung, and vascular tissues)
    • Adipose fat storage and weight gain
    • Increased aging

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    Medicinal Remedies Have Antioxidants for Fat Burning 

    'Fat burning' is an informal way of recognizing the oxidation of fat for energy and refers to weight-loss by increasing fat metabolism for achieving and maintaining a healthy weight.

    When reducing the size of the portion of carbohydrates in well-balanced complete meals the body will use more fat for energy.

    The more active someone is, which requires more energy via oxidation, the more antioxidants they require to utilize fat from food and fat storage in the body.

    Fat metabolism for energy requires twice the antioxidant capacity than carbohydrates, because fat has twice the calories.

    The body will 'burn fat' from food and adipose bodily stores to promote a healthy weight and overall energy requirements the more antioxidants that are created by the body and eaten as part of complete meals.

    Medicinal remedies are an effective way to increase antioxidant 'fat burning' for energy and assist health weight loss.

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    Antioxidants Reduce Toxicity 

    Detoxification is a normal everyday continuous process of the body because the normal cellular process of oxidizing carbohydrates and fats for energy releases free-radicals.

    All free-radicals may toxically accumulate to the detriment of healthy bodily functions and the immune system. Antioxidants are used in the process of stopping free-radicals from damaging tissues and reduce the accumulation of of toxicity.

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