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Tonic Benefit

A tonic is a food, herb, and/or dietary supplement that will heal, tone, restore, and/or invigorate the body and systems, as well as increase perception of well-being. They are generally continuously consumed with complete meals over a period of time in a health and wellness program.

Scientifically, a tonic strengthens a bodily system, organ, gland, tissue and/or fluid from the tonic's nutrient and constituent combinations. A tonic is often taken for a minimum of 30 days and up to 90 days to achieve a greater building of health concerning a changing of the constitution in and of the body.

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        Tonic Examples

        Tonics are Common in Food and Supplements 

        Tonics may also be superfoods, from their low-calorie or non-calorie nutrient density; and/or tonics may also be adaptogens because of their adaptogenic properties and their activity to increase stress-endurance and recovery-from-stress.

        Three examples of tonics which are recognized by their benefits and uses for bodily organs and systems and their major active constituents and nutrients:



        Tonify to Build Up Health and Well-Being

        To tonify is the wellness process of how a tonic will support, build, maintain, promote, and/or assists repair of bodily structures and functions.

        Tonics will tonify based on the consumption of their nutrients and constituents.

        Tonify Example

        Tonics Tonify When Taken 

        A tonic has the potential to tonify one's health by how the nutrients and constituents contained within the tonic will work with the body.

        For example, reishi mushroom tonifies the vascular circulation system from it's combination of B vitamins, triterpenes, antioxidants, and minerals such as potassium and copper.



        Tonification is Achieving Greater Health Over Time 

        Tonification is the development-of-wellness, where a tonic's ability-to-tonify the body over a period-of-time results in an accomplished state of greater health and well-being.

        We tonify with tonics step-by-step incrementally over time from a lower serving size to a larger serving size that will become the functional dose.

        Tonification Example

        Tonification with Tonics Occurs Over Time 

        Tonification is the accomplishment-of-tonifying with a tonic over a period-of-time where the chosen structures and functions of the body have built-up increased health.

        For example, consuming deer antler velvet over sixty-days will accomplish tonification by building-up:

        • joint cushioning
        • tendon flexibility
        • ligament pliability
        • muscular strength

        Tonification comes from the continual consumption of deer antler velvet's nutrient and constituent composition.


        Tonic Herbology

        Tonic Herbology is a System of Appreciating Tonics 

        Tonic herbology is the in-depth understanding of tonic herbs, such as plants, animals, and fungi, and how they build-up health and well-being.

        Tonic herbology uses different methodologies of medicine and best incorporates tonics from their traditional empirical science uses in herbalism and the modern science of herbal medicine where the nutrient and constituent composition of tonics is studied and researched.


        Tonic Herbalism

        Tonic Herbalism is the Science of Tonic Herbs 

        Tonic herbalism is the specific branch of herbalism within tonic herbology that works with scientifically understanding how the traditional empirical and modern herbal medicine uses of herbs, such as plants, animals, and fungi, have tonic benefits for tonifying health and well-being.


        Tonic Herbalist

        A Tonic Herbalist is Someone Who Uses and Studies Tonics 

        A tonic herbalist is someone who practices wellness to discover and become adept at how to tonify with tonics. They do so by ultimately implementing them into their lifestyle for consistent promotion of overall health and to increase perception of well-being.

        Tonic herbalists specifically study tonic herbology to understand how to accomplish tonification and building-up the structures and functions associated with bodily systems, organs, glands, tissues, and fluids.

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        Choosing a Tonic

        Choosing a tonic depends on how they are used in conjunction with one's health, wellness, and well-being, along with their dietary requirements.

        Consider how you want to build-up and strengthen the body:

        • body system
        • gland
        • organ
        • tissue 
        • fluid

        Select the tonic that best fits your interests:

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        Best Time to Take a Tonic

        Take Tonics with Meals 

        Tonics are best taken around meal time for best benefits, and for maximum absorption, up to 30 minutes before eating.