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April 17, 2021 22:45

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Tonics Build-Up Health & Well-Being


A tonic is a food and/or dietary supplement that will build-up overall health and increase perception of well-being as part of a wellness and healing program; scientifically, a tonic strengthens a bodily system, organ, gland, tissue and/or fluid from the tonic's nutrient and constituent combinations.

Some tonics may also be superfoods, from their low-calorie or non-calorie nutrient densityand/or tonics may also be adaptogens because of their adaptogenic properties and activity ^ to increase stress-endurance and recovery-from-stress.



To tonify with a tonic is the wellness process-of-how a tonic supports, buildsmaintains, promotes, and/or assists repair of bodily structures and functions from consumption of the nutrient and constituent composition within the tonic.



Tonification is the development-of-wellness where a tonic's ability-to-tonify the body over a period-of-time results in an accomplished state of greater health and well-being.



Tonic herbology is the in-depth understanding-of-plants through several different methodologies and best incorporates tonics from the traditional empirical science uses in herbalism, known as tonic herbalismand the modern science of herbal medicine where the nutrient composition of tonics are studied and researched.

Tonic Herbalists:

A tonic herbalist is someone who discovers how to incorporate tonics into their lifestyle to consistently promote overall health and increase perception of well-being; specifically learning tonic herbalism to build-up the structures and functions associated with bodily systems, organs, glands, tissues, and fluids.

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Michael Tierra is a pre-eminent expert ^, along with Lesley Tierra ^, on herbalism and herbology ^, which they divide into three main categories

  1. Western ^
  2. Chinese ^ 
  3. Ayurveda ^

Other herbal traditions are relevant ^, and although all systems are different, they all work on the premise of holistic synergy with each individual person ^.

Whollyunderstanding of tonics will be easily accessed through the above three modalities for an inclusive Planetary Herbology ^.



Choosing a tonic depends on how they are used in conjunction with one's diet and personal lifestyle ^. Some herbalists think that: "whether an herb is a tonic or not depends on its culture," ^ Lesley Tierra ^.

Select a body systemgland, organ, tissue and/or fluid you wish to build-up and strengthen. Choose the tonic that best fits your interests and needs.

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Regardless, whatever tonic is chosen, they are best taken around meal time and, for maximum absorption, up to 30 minutes before eating ^.