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Tonic Tinctures De-Stress Benefits

tonic superfood that supports adaptation to stressful activity and maintains relaxation during times of rest. May be best taken after stressful events so as to assist the promotion of a quieter mind and a release of emotional tension. When properly consumed with meals this adaptogen may reduce or prevent overreaction during stressful events.

The tonic superfood may contain any of the following constituents:

Ashwagandha for De-Stress:

Take De-Stress Tonics With Food:

Take a tonic with food to support the relaxation and calming benefits and for the healthy releasing of stressful feelings. Taking tonics without food will often negate their benefits, as skipping meals can depress your energy levels and diminish your ability to cope with daily stresses:

"It's important to keep your energy level up by not skipping meals; otherwise your levels of serotonin, a chemical in the brain that produces calmness, could change." Susan Moores, registered dietitian, spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association, and nutrition 7 Superfoods for the Blues by Dorie Eisenstein ^

Additionally, it is of benefit to eat for emotional health when taking a tonic superfood adaptogen to support tranquility. 

"Incorporate some self-care activities into your daily routine to start bringing equanimity ^ to all layers of your being. It is from stillness and peace that you build the strength and courage to make the right choices." The Chopra Center: Eating for Wholeness and Emotional Well-Being by Rachelle Williams ^

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