by Jason Duke - Owner/Artisan

Fresh Content: December 17, 2020 21:48

Tonic Tinctures Energy Benefits

Tonic superfoods, such as adaptogenic herbs, are commonly known for their support of daily energy while resisting mental and physical fatigue ^. This benefit includes the overall vitalization of the body and its various cells from the plethora of concentrated nutrients and unique supporting constituents found in tonic superfood adaptogens.

In the orient, energy is known by the complicated and undefinable term "Qi" ^. In general, adaptogens are taken and used as a way to health and wellness ^; for having the energy and vitality for accomplishing work, exercise, and play.

Essential Additional Energy Supplementation:

Many tonic adaptogens are known to support balanced blood sugar along with a healthy diet and will be further supporting with the additional supplementation of chromium for healthy blood sugar levels.

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