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December 18, 2020 01:09

Tonic Tinctures Nutritive Benefits


Health through nutrition ^ is holistic ^ with the individual freedom to choose ^ food and supplements in the support and maintenance of health and wellness ^.

Nutrition is holistic, therefore it is necessary to consume ^ the essential nutrients ^ required for the human body to optimally function ^. So instead of consuming one nutrient at a time, health is best cultivated with a holistic diet of all the essential nutrients ^that make up the nutrition required for the functioning of the body ^.

Nutrition is about eating well ^ and getting enough micronutrients ^, but sometimes food is not enough ^, so nutrition must be improved through supplementation ^.

It is increasingly becoming known that food, even organically grown, is nutritionally deficient ^, and although a diet high in plants supports health ^, contrarily, for the confused, a limited scope of looking at only a few isolated nutrients will inadvertently expose common deficiencies, such as a deficiency requiring vitamin B12 supplementation ^.

The soils that plants grow within have been known to be deficient since 1936 ^ and soil has become sick due to modern farming and harvesting methods ^. Also the rising CO2 levels in Earth's atmosphere is causing plants to become less nutritious ^.

These many factors contribute to deficiencies, easily causing concurrent excesses of non-nutritious foods in the diet ^, which cause the nutrient deficiencies ^ that, according to Linus Pauling, a nutritional expert ^lead to poor health and lacking wellbeing ^.

The nutrients in food and supplements are very well researched . which includes the broad range of health support from phytochemicals ^, confirming the traditional empirical understanding ^ of using whole-food tonics, superfoods and adaptogens ^.

One can learn from many different sources about nutrition and supplements.

Holistic nutrition, active lifestyles, and exercise must work together towards health and wellness ^nutrition gives one the ability to work, perform at sports, and be well in daily living ^; as well as, building the strength and promoting the stamina to be of service to neighbor and nation ^.

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