Handbook of Health: Part 6 - What's Public Health?

by Jason J. Duke - Owner/Artisan

Fresh Content: August 9, 2022 22:35

Sanitation Maintains Cleanliness and Protects Public Health 

Public health is the study and practice of sanitation in in personal residences, public areas, community facilities, and the environment, including food and water quality.

Examples of public health sanitation include: kitchen and bathroom cleanliness, sewage systems, garbage collections, cleaning buildings, and maintaining the integrity of the environment for fostering a sustainable ecosystem for clean environments, water, and food.

Public Health is not Medical Education nor Medical Practice

Diseases and conditions are a state of the degree with non-functioning in an individual, but not subject to the medical study and practice of nonindividual groups, although such diseases and conditions in a nonindividual group may be caused by lack of public health measures of sanitation, including food and water quality.

For example: the treatment of a disease is done on an individual basis by a medically licensed practitioner, but such disease treatment cannot be accomplished by public health measures of sanitation, water quality, and food quality.

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