Tonic Tinctures Icon Glossary

Icons In Alphabetical Order

Tonic Tinctures Harmony Icon Promotes greater health, well-being and spirit with an energetic adapt-to-success attitude. Also increases resistance to contamination in body, mind and spirit.
Tonic Tinctures Adrenal Icon A kidney-adrenal tonic. Normalizing and balancing directly to the adrenal glands on top of the kidneys. Reduces over and under functioning while strengthening overall stress resistance.
Tonic Tinctures Antioxidant Icon Has free radical neutralizing benefits that reduce the effects of oxidation in tissues. Overall soothing, cooling and calming in effects.
Tonic Tinctures Antitoxin Icon Neutralizes toxins absorbed from the enviroment via food, air and water. Has immediate antidote effects for acute and chronic exposure.
Tonic Tinctures Athletics Icon Enhances overall vitality for a broad range of performance benefits concerning strength, stamina, endurance, and flexibility. Increases sense of purpose and enjoyment of physical exercise.
Tonic Tinctures Beauty Icon Promotes grace, elegance, suave and poise. Benefits proper posture. Enhances a broad range of features for personal attractiveness and allure - hair, skin, nails, eyes, and body shape.
Tonic Tinctures Blood Health Icon Specifically cleanses blood of unwanted contamination while promoting stronger and healthier blood profiles. May be used for acute immediate detox or daily long term detox.
Tonic Tinctures Glycogen Icon Normalize glucose metabolism pathways, generally has an immediate effect that endures with continuous supplementation
Tonic Tinctures Breathing Icon Increases breathing capacity and efficiency by protecting the lungs from dryness. Benefits lung strength and cardio-respiratory in higher altitudes and concerning the holding of one's breath for longer durations.
Tonic Tinctures Cardio Icon Increases heart efficiency, contractile capacity of heart tissue, and elasticity of artery and vein walls for greater circulation and  blood movement into and out of muscle and joint tissues. Will have an endurance exercise boosting effect.
Tonic Tinctures Champion Icon Specifically formulated for athletes and exercise enthusiasts looking for a competitive edge and a boost to mental and physical performance. May be thought of as an edge over the competition.
Tonic Tinctures Clarity Icon Clears the mind of fog and distracting thoughts while enhancing the six senses of smell, taste, touch, sight, hearing, and inner vision. Increases focus for greater understanding and quicker learning of mental and spiritual experiences.
Tonic Tinctures Cognition Icon Increase memory capacities and quality of thought concerning one's life experiences and personal education. Allows mental multi-tasking due to greater concentration. 
Tonic Tinctures Creative Icon Known to promote the feelings associated with creative flow. Boost the imagination with the added capacity to enhance the flow of continuous inspiration in all artistic activities.
Will have holistic stress relieving effects that will relax the mind and release emotional tension. Taken after work and play during quieter times. May reduce or prevent overreaction to stressful events
Tonic Tinctures Digestive Icon Assist digestion in stomach, assimilation of nutrients and transformation of food. Promotes enzyme production and release from the pancreas to break down proteins and sugars. Also promotes bile production and flow in the gall bladder.
Tonic Tinctures Endocrine Icon Stimulates and raises the vitality of an under-active glandular system for increased synergistic functioning via proper homeostatic balance. As natural endocrine changes occur over time, generally a cycle of 30-90 days will show results.
Tonic Tinctures Energy Icon Known in the Orient as Qi. Promotes overall energy and vitality for accomplishing work, exercise, and other multi-leveled tasks while resisting fatigue and its after effects such as jet lag.
Tonic Tinctures Epigentic Icon Protects gene coding and enhances telomerase function to promote gradual changes to the constitution of the body by proper and efficient DNA replication and repair.
Tonic Tinctures Eye Health Icon Brightens the eyes and reduces redness with daily consumption. Specifically enhances the allure of one's eyes and the sheen of moistening fluid for that special sparkle. 
Tonic Tinctures Flexibility Icon Promote the ability of the joints in the body to stretch and bend with ease. Enhances blood flow through the joints for increased performance and recovery and decreased stiffness.
Tonic Tinctures Growth Icon Promote healthy and holistic growth of various bodily tissues such as organs and glands, as well as including skin, hair, nails, eyes. May be used for the gain of lean muscle mass, increasing fat metabolism, greater hormonal capacity and increase of bone density.
Tonic Tinctures Growth Factors Icon Contains unique hormonal constituents that promote the healthy and balanced growth and regeneration of tissues thereby increasing recovery and reversing aging.
Tonic Tinctures Hearth Health Icon A heart tonic. Specifically oxygenates and reduces stress upon the heart while easing circulation throughout the arteries and veins of the body.
Tonic Tinctures Hormones Icon Stimulates the production of balanced hormones from the various glands within the body in a healthy and holistic way.
Tonic Tinctures Immune Icon Enhances balanced immune function for greater reaction against bacteria, viruses and toxins received from our environment. Long term use greatly strengthens overall immune response.
Tonic Tinctures Injury Icon Promotes the ability to heal injuries to skin, muscle, joint and organs. Contains raw materials and stimulates cellular healing pathways for quicker, more complete injury recovery.
Tonic Tinctures Joint Health Icon Promotes flexibility, joint strength, reduces joint wear, and offers joint discomfort relief by promoting circulation and/or offering raw material for rebuilding joints and ligaments.
Tonic Tinctures Intimacy Icon Boost Intimacy and sexual performance. Increases passionate interest and motivation for sexual satisfaction. Aphrodisiac in effect. May promote genital health and well-being. 
Tonic Tinctures Liver Health Icon A liver tonic. Protects the liver and boost cleansing and detox of blood at the organ level by enhancing overall function of the liver. Increases regeneration of liver organ.
Tonic Tinctures Medicinal Icon May be used as a medicine. Used during acute phases of infection concerning bacterial, viral or toxic states while normalizing health.
Tonic Tinctures Meditation Icon Eases ability to achieve tranquility and maintain it during meditative activity. Reduces irritability and aggravation to promote and calm heart and mind.
Tonic Tinctures Nails Icon Continuous use promotes circulation for greater strength, shine and natural luster of fingernails and toenails. Also may reduce ridging. 
Tonic Tinctures Nootropic Icon Helps you learn better. Promotes the ability of laser-like focus and absolute attention. Increases mental stamina to coalesce complex thoughts, in turn, boosting retention of information and experience while enhancing comprehension. One may develop the ability "to know" a subject during study.
Tonic Tinctures Nutritive Icon Contains highly concentrated nutrition in the form of organically plant-derived vitamins and highly bio-available minerals. Used as a booster to enhance snacks and meals for greater support of health.
Tonic Tinctures Physique Icon Initiates fat metabolism and the reduction of excess weight around the waist which is commonly known as the "spare tire."; accomplished through better digestion and more efficient body metabolism.
Tonic Tinctures Pineal Gland Icon Promotes glandular function for proper day/night rhythms as well as promoting de-calcification and circulatory activation of the third-eye.
Tonic Tinctures Protection Icon Will protect us from the effects of high stress activities within our external environments. Balancing to all bodily functions including the physical, nervous, mental and emotional. 
Tonic Tinctures Red Blood Cells Icon Boosts red blood cells and their functional health and efficiency for carrying oxygen. Strengthens cardio-respiratory function concerning performance activities.
Tonic Tinctures Rejuvenate Icon Has a reviving and refreshing effect that may promote a youthful feeling and a blissful state of being. Oftentimes known as being grounded to those with particular sensitivities.
Tonic Tinctures Relaxation Icon Promotes a calm state of mind and soothes the emotional response. May be used before relaxing times to help with rest and healing.
Tonic Tinctures Skin Cells Icon Offers constituents for skin repair and preserving youthfulness. Use will stimulate skin cells via lymph and cleanse and clear cells from the inside out.
Tonic Tinctures Spiritual Icon Enhances connection to the divine source and devotion to one's personal system of belief. Good to use during ritual and/or prayer.
Tonic Tinctures Stamina Icon Has profound anti-fatigue and stress resistance properties. Helps to maintain interest in activity by reducing overall perception of stress while diminishing the by-products of fatigue.
Tonic Tinctures Strength Icon Promotes contractile capacity of muscle tissue and nervous innervation of muscle groups. Increases conversion of lactic acid at the cellular level and through the liver to prevent muscular failure. Reduces delayed onset muscle soreness.
Tonic Tinctures Tonic Icon Enhances well-being, has an invigorating effect, and increases overall vitality. Will amplify all other foods, tonics and supplements taken at the same time. Promotes building and lasting effects over time.
Tonic Tinctures Wealth Icon Has a sustaining effect for ideological concepts and dreams. Engenders positive thinking and wealth consciousness, as well as promoting the mental fortitude and calculation capacity to earn wealth and grow one's assets.
Tonic Tinctures Weightlifter Icon Has direct benefit to progressive resistance training by promoting strength, anaerobic performance, recovery and growth. Reduces chance of injury and straining while lifting and training under strenuous activity.