Calendula Flowers within Herbalism

by Jason J. Duke - Owner/Artisan

Fresh Content: June 11, 2023 13:25

Calendula Flower 

Calendula flowers (Calendula officinalis) is a potent healing herb any aspiring herbalist learns to use that is often found in yards and home gardens which is used safely as a tonic within herbalism for a variety of uses for anyone.

What to Know About Taking Calendula Flowers

Calendula flowers are a commonly used herb both internally and topically to enhance any herbal supplement program for healing.

Calendula flowers are commonly used topically as part of cosmetic formulations for the skin benefits.

The orange and yellow vibrant colored pigment of calendula is the carotenoids which support tissue health throughout the body.

Why Take Calendula Flowers?

The main use of calendula flowers in herbalism is to promote healing of injuries and any tissues in general, especially the skin and blood vessels where it can be applied topically as part of a lotion or ointment and also taken internally to get the nutrients and constituents internally.

One of the ways that calendula flowers work to promote healing is to gently invigorate circulation of blood and the lymph fluids of the immune system so that toxins and by-products-of-fatigue will be removed from injured and overburdened tissues.

Herbalism uses calendula flowers for the following benefits:

How Calendula Flowers Works with the Body and Diet

Calendula flowers have a combination of constituents, including carotene and lycopene, that support internal bodily health of the liver and immune system, which also promotes healthy skin when applied topically.

All the various constituents that are in calendula flowers, including circulation promoting antioxidant triterpenoids, support wound healing and the body's ability to repair injuries. The ability of calendula flower to support the healing of burns works when taken internally and applied topically.

Undesired Outcomes While Taking Calendula Flowers

As with many herbs, some undesirable outcomes may be encountered with calendula flowers such as digestive upset, sleeplessness, irritability, headache, and tension.

Some remedies for undesirable outcomes with calendula flowers are as follows:

Taking Calendula Flowers During Pregnancy and Lactation

Do not take calendula flowers during pregnancy. No known harmful effect of taking the appropriate serving of calendula flowers with complete balanced meals during lactation. Consult a healthcare provider when adjusting lifestyle, exercise, diet, and supplementation.