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Ashwagandha Cherry Supplement Poster
Ashwagandha Cherry Supplement Poster 
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Ashwagandha Cherry formula contains:

  • Ashwagandha Root
  • Rhodiola Root
  • Black Cherry
  • Schisandra Berry

Ashwagandha Cherry has these Key Benefits:

  • Boosts mood, well-being and emotional centeredness*
  • Support brain function and nerve strength*
  • Promote flexibility and joint health*
  • Promote cognition, memory, and clarity*
  • Support daily stress-resistance and calmness*
  • Maintain healthy endocrine function*
    • Adrenal hormones*
    • Balanced hormone production in men and women*
  • Promote male and female sexual interest and performance*

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Ashwagandha Cherry Benefits and Uses*

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Ashwagandha Cherry Lifestyles*

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Ashwagandha Cherry Description

Ashwagandha root is a premier adrenal stress tonic that has nerve stabilizing and calming effects enhanced by the classic combination of rhodiola root; the further blending of black cherry and schisandra, with their circulating and flexibility promoting reddish-purple antioxidant pigments and minerals like iron and selenium, create an intellectually oxygenating adaptogen that boosts overall stress-resistance that vitalizes the spirit.*


Ashwagandha Cherry Batch Specs

Ashwagandha Cherry Liquid

Ashwagandha root is sourced from its native growing region from farmers in India who cultivate it organically and process it appropriately to prepare it for extraction.

Rhodiola root has a rose-cherry flavor that elegantly combines well with black cherry for a good tasting tincture that is a pleasure to take.

Schisandra berry is added in a small amount as a tonic activator to allow the extraction to reach full potency with its five-flavors that work with all organs in the body.

We formulate using a variety of extraction techniques for full-spectrum potency which include:

  • Artisan-formulated for Wholistic Effects and Benefits
  • Harvesting at Times of Full Botanical Potency
  • All Active Parts of the Root and Berries Extracted and Preserved
    • Cold Processed Where Appropriate to Preserve Integrity of Fragile Constituents
  • Dual Solvent: Water and Alcohol for 99.9% constituent content
    • All Constituents Included in Suspension
      • Additionally Activated for Easy Digestion
  • Stabilized for Natural Preservation - No Preservatives

This formulation uses moderate alcohol, 35% by volume, so that the alcohol will extract the withanolides and other important constituents appropriately to create an efficacious tincture that may be taken every day.

See our homepage for more about our methods.


Ashwagandha Cherry Ingredients

  • 60% Main Tonic 
    • Ashwagandha - (Withania somnifera)
      • Organically Sourced from Indian Farms 
  • 20% Assistant Tonic 
    • Black Cherry (Prunus serotine)
      • Organically Sourced from Californian Orchards
  • 20% Synergist Tonics
    • Rhodiola Root (Rhodiola rosea)
      • Organically Sourced from Canadian Mountains
    • Schisandra Berry (Schisandra chinensis)
      • Organically Sourced from Chinese River Valleys
  • Structured Distilled Water
  • Triple Filtered USP Grade Organic Alcohol (35% by volume)


Ashwagandha Cherry Dosage*

Recommended Dosage: 333 – 3,000 milligrams @ 1-3 times a day*

Ashwagandha Cherry Dosage Equation:

The dosage of most tonics work by bodyweight and activity level and dietary factors. The amount of Ashwagandha Cherry taken is highly dependent on activity and particularly daily stress-levels.

BW + AL + DF

  • Bodyweight (BW) is the overall weight measured by a bathroom or locker room scale.
  • Activity level (AL) is a relative unit based on the amount of work accomplished, stress-levels and fitness-intensity.
  • Diet factors (DF) are based on how much calories and food is taken in, such as protein, fat and carbohydrates.

Estimated Daily Dosage:

  • BW = 1 dropper per ~150 pounds bodyweight
  • AL = + 1-3+ droppers - 1-2 low/medium, 2-3+ high
  • DF = + 1 dropper for every ~75 grams of protein

Example #1: 110lb person (BW = 0-1 dropper) who is has a high-stress job working with people (AL = 3+ droppers) and eats ~60 grams of protein (DF = 0-1 dropper) would have a functional dosage of ~4-5+ droppers daily divided into 1-3 doses across the day.

Example #1 is BW 0-1 + AL 2-3+ + DF 0-1 = 3-5+ droppers

Example #2: 155lb person (BW = 1 dropper) who is doing meditative yoga on a day-off (AL = 1-2 droppers) and eats ~60 grams of protein (DF = 0-1 dropper) would have a functional dosage of ~2-4 droppers daily divided into 1-3 doses across the day.

Example #2 is BW 1 + AL 1-2 + DF 0-1 = 2-4 droppers

To find a functional dose, start with a minimum dose of 10 drops to 1 dropper and work up to a functional dose.* Many benefits of tonics come from consistent and continued use over a period of time.*

Ashwagandha Cherry dropper:

  • 60 1ml droppers in a 2oz (60ml) bottle
  • 1ml dropper = ~1000 mgs Ashwagandha Cherry formula extract

Ashwagandha Cherry drops:

  • 30 drops in a 1ml dropper
  • 1 drop = ~33 mgs Ashwagandha Cherry formula extract

To find a functional dose, start with a minimum dose of 10 drops to 1 dropper and work up to a functional dose.* Many benefits of tonics come from consistent and continued use over a period of time.*

Suggested Ashwagandha Cherry Cycle:

  • Initial Phase = 5-60 days
  • Health Cultivation = ∞
  • Optional Cycle-off Period = 1-7 days

Continuous consumption of Ashwagandha Cherry will yield increasing benefits and results over the time consumed; in other words, consistent daily consumption of Ashwagandha Cherry at a functional dosage over the period of suggested time will increase health and wellness benefits.*

After an initial cycle Ashwagandha Cherry may be continued for the cultivation of health or traded-out for another tonic adaptogen superfood.*

Suggested Timing:

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Tonic Tinctures Rest Activity Card
Tonic Tinctures Health Cultivation Activity Card


How to take Ashwagandha Cherry

Ashwagandha Cherry is a an adrenal nerve tonic that will support adaptation to stress and may be used anytime.*

  • Meals - Take around meal times to promote recuperation and restore adrenal and nerve function.
  • Performance - 15-30 minutes before physical, mental and spiritual activity.
  • Rest - May be taken 30 minutes before bed to induce 'dreamless-sleep' (which is the meaning of the Latin name of Ashwagandha, Withania Somnifera)
Ashwagandha Cherry Time Concept

Benefits with tonics take time; taking enough consistently rewards health.

Take as desired: consume on a continuous basis to develop the natural tonic and adaptogenic benefits that build over time.* Some benefits are immediate and some results require consumption over several days and weeks to accomplish.* A good tonic cycle is 45-90 days of a tonic adaptogen which will generate lasting health changes.*

Shake gently: secure the lid and turn the bottle over back-and-forth 3-5 times to evenly distribute the tincture. Do not over-shake as the vigorous mixing of air with the extract will oxidize and damage many of the necessary constituents for required dosage and potency.

By mouth: hold the liquid under the tongue for 60-90 seconds and then swallow the rest of extract; doing so allows digestion to begin in the mouth and will take advantage of the activated multi-step extract so that many of the constituents will bypass digestion and enter the body through the mouth and throat.* Holding the extract also promotes better absorption and assimilation and elicits an immediate effect that is performance oriented*

Mix with water: squirt the drops or entire droppers into 2-4 oz. of water that is under 120*F. Water that is cool to lukewarm temperature is best to preserve the volatile and fragile constituents from being damaged and denatured which will reduce the potency of the extract.* Sip slowly to allow absorption in the mouth and throat.* This method makes it easier to become accustomed to the extract and to take larger doses of several different tinctures at once in a tonic program.*

For maximum potency: regularly consume the tincture within a period of 45 days; after 45 days of continuous consumption the extract may begin to gradually lose potency requiring a larger dosage to achieve similar benefit.* A bottle will generally last 10-30 days depending on dosage and concurrent supplementation programming.*

Further dosage reference: How to Take a Tonic Tincture


Ashwagandha Cherry Liquid Supplement

    Tincture Details

    Extract Type:
    • Tincture - Liquid Extract: Hydroalcohol
    Serving Size:
    • 1 dropper
    Daily Usage: 
    • 1-3 droppers 1-3 times per day
    Extraction Ratio:
    • 2 pounds:1 quart - 57,00mgs to 2oz.(60ml)
    Manufacture Date:
    • May 10th 2019
    • 2 Years from manufacture

    Expiration & Storage Information

    Made In Sisters Oregon USA


    Supplement Summary

    Why Choose
    Tonic Tinctures?

    They are the most advanced supplements.

      Multi-step custom-made extractions.

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          Tonic Tinctures Ashwagandha Cherry Fresh Batch

          2oz. (60ml) Ashwagandha Cherry Supplement - 60 droppers in a bottle

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          Ashwagandha Cherry Tincture is ~1000mgs extract per 1ml dropper.


          Ashwagandha Cherry
          Questions and Answers

          Ashwagandha Cherry Questions and Answers

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          Adrenal tonic

          Nice tincture that works good at keeping me from being stressed by supporting the adrenals. Ashwagandha and rhodiola are recommended together to calm nerves and I sleep better too.



          I didn't quite know what to expect, but I do feel more flexible and less anxious.


          Taste great for a tincture

          Totally bought this for me and my girlfriend. We loved the cherry flavor and could take it straight under the tongue to feel grounded energy from the Ashwagandha during our sessions. Great for intimacy too, it helped us feel more connected.